Our Technology

Many dental fears stem from negative past experiences and a fear of painful procedures. Advances in dental anaesthesia and equipment have made a visit to the dentist’s office a radically different experience. Dr. Saso offers the latest comfort-control procedures, and our advanced techniques shorten the amount of time you spend in the dental chair.

Dr. Saso’s technologies include:

Intraoral & Digital Cameras

Photography, magnification, and chairside monitors help Dr. Saso explain the details of your oral health. Patients are no longer left in the dark, wondering what the dentist is doing and why. Dr. Saso partners with you, so you can make an informed decision about your dental health.

Full Range of Anaesthesia Options

Anaesthesia has revolutionized the dental experience. Now patients can essentially sleep through their dental visits and wake up with beautifully restored smiles. As a dental anaesthesia specialist, Dr. Saso provides four levels of sedation dentistry.

Dental Lasers

Many patients will avoid periodontal surgery at all costs. We don’t blame them. Laser therapy is a fast and effective alternative. With dental lasers, Dr. Saso can target only the affected areas, drastically reducing healing times and improved comfort for our patients.

CEREC Crowns

If you fear the dentist, the last thing you want is unnecessary, multiple appointments. With CEREC technology, Dr. Saso can design, create, and place an all-ceramic, metal-free restoration in a single visit. CEREC crowns are also more conservative than traditional crowns, and they’re backed by years of research.

Dental Implants

Say goodbye to wobbly removable dentures and unsightly metal bridges. With dental implants, replacement teeth are anchored securely and naturally. Dr. Saso performs all phases of implant care at our Ottawa dental office.

Cosmetic Smile Simulations

Do you wish you could see what your smile will look like before you begin treatment? You can! Smile Vision is the latest digital imaging software, allowing Dr. Saso to expertly manipulate images of your teeth according to your proposed treatment plan.

Digital X-rays

Reduced radiation, instant viewing, high-quality images… the benefits of digital X-rays go on and on. The images can also be stored and reproduced indefinitely for insurance and referral purposes.

Electronic Communication

We communicate electronically with your insurance company for expedited processing. We also save all paperwork electronically and use advanced software for appointment reminders and easy communication.

Call today if you or someone you know needs comfortable dentistry from a dental anaesthesia specialist. Dr. Saso provides Ottawa and Gatineau-area patients with extensive dental reconstruction and advanced anxiety control.

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