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Common Concerns

Will dental treatment hurt?

With Dr. Saso’s modern tools and methods for anaesthesia, you can receive dental care in total comfort. We offer several levels of sedation that can be catered to you depending on your level of anxiety. Light to moderate sedation can be achieved with an oral medication. For patients who would like to “sleep” through their dental treatment, Dr. Saso can provide IV sedation in our office. Dr. Saso is one of only handful of dentists who is certified to provide IV sedation. IV sedation is fast-acting, and you will have no memory of any sights, sounds, or smells associated with the procedure.

Is your staff judgmental?

Because compassionate dental care doesn’t stop at the dentist, Dr. Saso has employed a gentle and professional team. Most of our team has been involved in the healthcare field for over 20 years. We understand and sympathize with fearful patients, as well as those who haven’t been to the dentist in a while. You’ll never be scolded, lectured, or be made to feel guilty for your oral health. In fact, we commend you for taking the first step toward a healthier, more attractive smile. We see many patients just like you every day and will work to earn your trust and understanding.

How do I choose a cosmetic dentist?

Choosing a cosmetic dentist, especially when you need advanced dental reconstruction, is no easy task. You may feel apprehensive about visiting the dentist at all, and a bad experience can discourage you even further. Some key points to look for are experience, credentials, and examples of actual cases. Dr. Saso has over 20 years of experience, and he’s lectured internationally on comprehensive cosmetic dentistry. He offers state-of-the-art treatments, many that can be completed in just a few visits. If you’re fearful, then you may want to consider a sedation dentist. With four kinds of sedation, Dr. Saso can ensure your comfort throughout the treatment process. To learn more, call for a personal consultation. During this initial interview, you can learn if Dr. Saso will meet your needs.

Is IV sedation safe?

Under the care of an anaesthesia specialist such as Dr. Saso, IV sedation is safe and effective. Dr. Saso has over 20 years of experience administering IV sedation, and our well-trained team will closely monitor you comfort and vital signs throughout the procedure. Prior to IV sedation, Dr. Saso will carefully evaluate your medical history to ensure IV sedation is a safe and predictable option for you.

Call today if you or someone you know needs comfortable dentistry from a dental anaesthesia specialist. Dr. Saso provides Ottawa and Gatineau-area patients with extensive dental reconstruction and advanced anxiety control.

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